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An Early 20th century English Gypsy camp in the corner of a field
The Grandmother is preparing the dinner with the help of one of the children who is busy peeling potatoes. Father is tending to a problem with a wheel on the wagon with the help of one of the boys
1/12th scale
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On the left is a 'Bender tent' this was commonly used to make sleeping quarters for an extended family, it would be made from flexible Willow or Hazel sticks inserted in the ground and bent over and inserted into a ridge pole which had rows of holes bored into it.
The coverings would be an assortment of old tarpaulins, old carpets or whatever they could find to keep out the rain. The front would be covered over at night depending on the weather.
In front is the fire which was used for cooking and helping to keep the tent warm during the night,